Talk2Peers is revolutionizing this era of communication by bringing people's voices back.
We provide a telephone forum through which our callers can share their life experiences & perspectives and hear other like stories.
The Talking Circle empowers people to speak their truths and listen attentively.
This direct, honest, effective communication allows for a deeper understanding of self, others, issues and a stronger feeling of connectedness.


WHY Talk2Peers?

Talk2Peers is the vision of Ms. Sherry Dang. Over the past seven years, in between the operating of five convenient stores, two attempted startups and a notebook full of entrepreneurial ideas, Talk2Peers kept tugging at Sherry's heart.

Is this the perfect combination of business and service, technology and human connection?
Sherry's vision for Talk2Peers was born from her life experiences and her genuine attention to people's stories. She has noticed a recurring theme in these stories; a need to be understood by somebody going through or who has been through the same thing.
She's found that me too can literally be a lifeline for people in desperate situations.

Since Sherry's vision first came to her, our world has exploded in technology and the whole landscape of how we communicate has changed. Communication is frequent, short, fast and vast. We have information literally at our fingertips. BUT information is different than connection. Are we really connecting with one another? Are we losing our ability to listen and have some of those me too conversations?
Conversations brings about change. Sharing stories brings connection.

People are longing for a deeper connection. Without it, we become susceptible to loneliness, social anxiety and clinical depression. The benefits of talking, sharing and listening are many.

There is power and healing in circles, where people simply share their stories and struggles with others in similar situations, one gets to be heard, acknowledged and knows they are not alone. Native Americans used a Talk2Peers, creating a culture of honor and respect.

The vision of Talk2Peers is simple. We are using our modern day technology to bring back the ancient way of communicating, in a figurative circle using our voices. In these circles, we create a sense of community, belonging, respect and support.


  Sherry Dangis a refugee from Vietnam who arrived in America in 1982. She lives in Watsonville, California, just south of San Francisco, and has been a small business owner since 1989. Sherry has started many successful businesses which has given her an abundance of knowledge. She is not afraid of failing which is an essential part of her success. Sherry strongly believes that America is the land of opportunity; a perfect place for an idea factory like herself. She loves working in the startup world where thinking outside of the box is the norm. Sherry has held the vision of Talk2Peers for nine years and is thrilled it is finally coming into fruition.

Sherry Dang's Interview with Monica Karst on Bold Radio Station


  Kirk DiCicco Kirk is a California native, father, grandfather, husband and small business owner. His hobbies include gardening, cooking, and sailing but most of all can strike up a conversation with just about anyone. A skeptic about Talk2Peers at first, today he is one of the strongest advocates and is a passionate believer in the mission.

  Angela Toyofuku As a successful corporate buyer for 20 years, my primary objective has been to build strong relationships and partnerships with my clients. As a founding team member of Talk2Peers, it brings me great joy to have an opportunity to serve others. Talk2Peers is more than a job. it is my mission to help people be better. Talk2Peers is the solution for people that need to be heard.

 Sally Adams has been the co-owner of Village Yoga in downtown Santa Cruz for seventeen years. Teaching yoga has taught her a lot about people and their struggles. Sally is excited to provide another safe space through Talk2Peers for people to work out their challenges. TSF is about community, connection and compassion made more powerful by using our voices. Her mission is to help people feel better and is very excited to reach millions of people through the Talk2Peers platform.

WHAT IS A Talk2Peers?
The Talk2Peers is a tool used in many Native American Traditions when a council or gathering is called. It allows all members to present their Sacred Point of View. The Talk2Peers is passed from person to person as they speak and only the person holding the stick is allowed to talk during that time period. Whoever holds the Talk2Peers has within their hands the sacred power of words.

A Talk2Peers is used in the opening and closing of ceremonies or gatherings. It can also be used during the discussion process to ensure that all sacred voices are heard.

The role of everyone else in the circle is to listen with their hearts, to be fully present to what is being said. It can be tempting for one to begin thinking about or practicing in their head what they are going to say, so when the stick comes you are ready. In the ceremony space, we listen and speak from our heart, not from our head. Your heart knows what to say. It is our shared listening and attention that allows for more depth and clarity in the shared space. Listening is a gift to the speaker.

Listening and understanding instills respect for those in attendance. As a result, at meetings or ceremonies, no one is left out of the process unless they have no comment. This methodology becomes a shared commitment. We pass the Talk2Peers with everyone stating their name and reason why they have come or some other specific topic relevant to the purpose of the gathering. This sets the circle for a well-intentioned meeting, even if it is for decision-making, brainstorming or conflict resolution.

We give thanks to our Ancestors for this powerful medicine. Aho.
Sun Otter Martinico