"When someone listens to you well it makes you feel accepted, understood, important, valued and validated.

It gives you a voice to help find yourself again.

 It reminds you that you are not invisible or alone."
Dharma Jani

WHAT IS TalkingStickForum?

TalkingStickForum is a website and app that marries our modern day technology with the old fashioned telephone call.
We provide a platform where people can connect and be supported by peers & an inspired leader around a specific topic.

We believe your VOICE matters.

Our Talking Circles provide real time support with peers. The leader guides and supports the conversations by helping to pass the Talking Stick, so you get a chance to share your story and listen and learn from others. 

Our Sharing Circles provide a platform for your blogs, podcasts, videos, pictures & audios.

Founder’s Message


My first husband, Phillip, suffered depression and took his own life in 2008. I have never been the same since.  We did everything we could to help him, including expensive therapists and medication. The time I remember seeing him have hope was the time he ended up talking to two strangers for hours on the sidewalk simply because they all had one thing in common: depression. He just wanted to talk to other people experiencing the same feelings. He wanted to hear the words, “Me too.” He wanted to feel heard by someone who could understand his sadness by having experienced it themselves.

I have always felt that I could’ve done more.

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